Business Degrees - What are the Options?

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Obtaining an associate, bachelors or business degrees las vegas can open job opportunities that would have been unavailable otherwise. Even so, there are a number of business degrees to pick from and it is important for a Las Vegas university student to be sure to pick a degree that best fits his or her career choice. Following is a quick overview of some of the many options.


Accounting degrees are highly popular and it is not hard to see why. A person who has an accounting degree can work for a private company, a state or Federal entity or even start his or her own business. Accounting is a well paid occupation that is set to have well over 150,000 job openings by the year 2022.


business degrees las vegas

An advertising business degree is a good option for anyone who wants to become an advertising manager, PR manager, PR spokesperson or market research analyst. The last job option is particularly attractive, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that it is set to have a 31.6% employment increase up to the year 2022. In some cases a person can obtain a job in one of the above mentioned fields with only an associate’s degree; however, many employers prefer that one have at least a bachelor's degree.

International Business Degree

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Those who are interested in an exciting business career that offers travel opportunities will most likely need an international business degree. Such a degree can enable one to become a business manager of an international company, international sales representative or market researcher, to name just a few of the many job options.

Management Degree

A person who wants to become a manager but is unsure which type of company he or she would like to work for would do well to obtain a management degree. However, a person who has specific job goals should obtain the exact type of management degree that best suits his or her aspirations. Some of the many options to pick from include an IT management degree, hospitality management degree and an HR degree.

business degrees las vegas

These are just some of the most popular business degrees available Las Vegas residents. A person who wants to study business should carefully consider the options, talk with the university career services department and then choose the degree that would make it possible to obtain a job in the field of his or her choice.